Paradise: Resolving Truancy and Linking Payroll to Improve Bottomline

About Paradise (F&B)

Paradise (F&B) Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Paradise Group Holding, Singapore. Founded in 2011, it is brainchild of three person : Ms Elyna Tan, CEO of Paradise (F&B) Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Mr Eldwin Chua and Mr Edlan Chua, CEO and COO of Paradise Group Holdings Pte Ltd respectively. With increasing demand for delicious and reasonably priced Chinese cuisine in Malaysia, the company looks to introduce their unique culinary concepts : Paradise Inn, Kungfu Paradise and Paradise Dynasty. The first to open is Paradise Inn in Sunway Pyramid. By March 2012, both Kungfu Paradise and Paradise Dynasty will open in the all-new Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya.

With their rapid expansion, Paradise begin to encounter HR related issues, and truancy raise it’s ugly head. Initially it was limited to individuals, however once these individuals are able to continuously escape detection by the management and attendance system, more employees began to follow suit, resulting in loss of morale, monetary losses and ultimately affected the services and quality that they would be able to provide their customers.

Problems Encountered


Paradise were perplexed that their attendance system were not able to capture these errant employees as they have spent a large sum over a RFID based tagging system, installing it in their various location. Initially the system was successful in curbing truancy, however after sometime, truancy was up once again. With the idea of revamping the attendance system, Paradise engaged iDynamics to identify the shortcomings within their system and come up with a solution that would allow them to resolve their truancy issue. Together, iDynamics and Harper Wira identified inadequacies within the system to rectify:

  • RFID Identification tags were easily duplicated
  • Attendance was not linked to payroll system
  • Leave application were not correctly recorded, resulting in many missing submissions
  • Inaccurate reportingg and analytics of individual’s attendance and groups of employees at various locations


Based on the requirements of Paradise (F&B), iDynamics implemented the following solutions

  • Fingerprint Identification: Employees are unable to duplicate or replicate
  • Linking to payroll: Attendance is linked to payroll software to provide incentives for employees with full attendance and penalties for those who are habitual offenders
  • Centralized Online Leave Application System: Removing manual leave application altogether, capturing leave application accurately
  • Centralized Reporting and Analytics: Allowing Paradise (F&B) to better plan their resources and manager employees

iDynamics perfectly understood their requirements and customized a system solution that allows them to nip truancy at it’s head, improve employee’s performance via an automated incentives and penalty based attendance system, accurate leave application and ultimately a centralized Payroll & attendance system, providing them with business intelligence to better manage their restaurants efficiently.