Thye Hin: Reducing Long Queues and Improving Sales

About Thye Hin Computer

Thye Hin Computer was established in year 2000 as a retailer of office equipment, computer parts and audio systems. In 2003 they shifted their business to solely focus on computers, and their business activities increased beyond just retailing computer parts, but also assembly and repairs of personal computers. Currently Thye Hin is a household name when it comes to computers in Seremban, and have expanded even larger, encompassing two large shop lots and is now an award winning retailer of brand name products such as Acer, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, Canon and Dell.

Having focused largely on business growth, Thye Hin’s software systems, especially it’s Point Of Sale (POS) and Inventory System has taken a back seat in their development plans. However there were growing delays in the POS system processing it’s transactions, and the management begin to sit up and take notice of these delays.

Problems Encountered


Thye Hin’s management began to notice that longer queues begin to form at the sales counter, and as the weeks goes by the queues begin to grow longer. Things come to a head when customers begin complaining over the long transaction time taken and some disgruntled customers eventually left. Noticing that the POS software were taking longer time to execute sales transactions Thye Hin Computer engaged iDynamics to identify the shortcomings within their system and come up with a solution that would allow them to resolve these long transaction times. Together, iDynamics and Thye Hin identified inadequacies within the system to rectify:

  • Outdated software utilizing an old database system causing long time to retrieve information from the database
  • Outdated hardware causing long time to process instructions
  • Unable to process/display transactions in real-time, causing very long wait time to edit/change/cancel transactions.


Based on the requirements of Thye Hin, iDynamics implemented the following solutions

  • New Software with Advanced Database Search features: Reducing transaction times and allowing real time transaction to be displayed and changed if necessary
  • Upgraded Hardware: New hardware which process software instructions faster with a clear and easy to use user interface

iDynamics perfectly understood their requirements and customized a system solution that allows Thye Hin to operate efficiently and provide a better customer service, improving their brand perception in the process.