Harper Wira: Multi Location Collaboration with Greater Financial Insights

About Harper Wira

Harper Wira is a logistics firm providing air, land and sea transportation solution to both light and heavy industries. The recent growth of the logistics industry has provided them with the opportunity to expand into various parts of Malaysia and subsequently increased the number of projects they undertake. Harper Wira’s fast expansion has highlighted several shortcomings in their accounting information system, causing them to experience delays in delivery as there is insufficient information in real time to make quick and accurate operational decisions.

Problems Encountered


Zeroing in on the accounting software, Harper Wira engaged iDynamics to identify the shortcomings within their software and come up with a solution that would allow them to expedite the decision making process aided by better financial insights into their operations. Together, iDynamics and Harper Wira identified inadequacies within the software to rectify:

  • Inability of the accounting software to capture cost by projects and departments
  • Inability of branch managers in various locations to view financial information for their own branches
  • Incompatible with GST standards


Based on the requirements of Harper Wira, iDynamics identified these 3 key areas to implement in the new solution:

  • Customized Reporting: Allows Harper Wira to view cost breakdown either by projects or departments
  • Multi Location Collaboration: Allows accounting software to be viewed and accessed by various branch managers wherever they are
  • GST Compatible

iDynamics perfectly understood their requirements and customized a software solution that is GST compatible and allows them to capture accurate financial information based on projects and departments. Not only that, now every branch manager in the whole of Malaysia have fast and easy access to these information, providing them with business intelligence to better manage their respective branches efficiently.