AutoCount Accounting Version 1.8.31 Release Note


This version of AutoCount Accounting is a maintenance release for version 1.8.

Bugs Fixed and Minor Enhancement

Among the newer bugs fixed and minor enhancement introduced in AutoCount Accounting version 1.8 are:
(From oldest to latest)

  1. Enhancement: Support Burmese Net Total in reporting data dictionary
  2. Fix Bug: Fix unable to support previous gst period gst return file in Tap system
  3. Fix Bug: Fix prompt error when login to customize account book
  4. Fix Bug: Fix Debtor Listing Report outstanding column show incorrect amount
  5. Fix Bug: Unable to change UDDT size caused by statistics index
  6. Fix Bug: Fix error when pass a invalid date to calculate due date in APAR Invoice
  7. Fix Bug: Fix unable to auto post negative amount to journal entry for arap dn, arap cn, and ap invoice with imported service and approved toll manufacturer scheme document
  8. Enhancement: Add AccountAnalysisBalance and outstanding SO & DO for AOTG Dashboard API
  9. Fix Bug: Fix unable to delete arap payment with discount arap credit note
  10. Fix Bug: Fix cash book one cent local amount issue when negative amount with multi currency
  11. Fix Bug: Fix untick bank recon issue when edit sales invoice without modify amount
  12. Enhancement: Support item package back order control
  13. Enhancement: Support item package auto calculate currency
  14. Fix Bug: Tax Transaction Change Tracking – Auto Filter Row not working properly
  15. Fix Bug: Fix unable to search column under ARAP knock off grid view
  16. Fix Bug: Sales CN – Transfer from CN screen show Invoice that has no outstanding
  17. Fix Bug: Cash Sale – Use bar code to input item will not show item description in the “Selected Item Description” area
  18. Fix Bug: Fix unable to save group discount by percent sales or purchase document which include negative extra discount amount
  19. Fix Bug: Fix stock aging quantity and cost issue
  20. Fix Bug: Fix Transfer from Assembly Order no transfer Note field in stock assembly entry
  21. Enhancement: Add withholding tax table in report datasource
  22. Fix Bug: Fix Reorder Advice Report not consider cancelled stock assembly order
  23. Enhancement: Modify to fulfill IRAS requirement
  24. Fix Bug: Fix LocalProfit for POS transaction does not include extra discount amount
  25. Fix Bug: Stock Detail Listing Report – After perform grid grouping, summary by total missing
  26. Fix Bug: Lock supplier doc no column at ap gridview in ARAP contra
  27. Fix Bug: Fix unable to save past ap invoice with tax code IS-ATMS or IM-SVC
  28. Enhancement: Add special tax code “SRCA” for IRAS customer accounting. When user select this tax code, system will auto generate new Journal Entry input tax put “TXCA” and output tax put “SRCA-C”
  29. Enhancement: Add Always ask for Project/Department when knock-off option
  30. Enhancement: Add tax date field for import by excel (arap invoice, dn, cn, cash book and journal entry document)
  31. Fix Bug: Add pos stock module control in export all data by xml function