Sage UBS Version Update Announcement

Important Software Announcement

Sage UBS Version Update Announcement

We are excited to announce the release of Sage UBS Version is released on 31 May 2018 which will increase your user experience by enhancing current GST transition entry and legislation updates include taxable period enhancements, EULA with GDPR updates and add new Tax code SR-0 to stay compliant with current Malaysia GST changes.

What’s new with Sage UBS Version Release:

  1. New External Tool – Item Maintenance Tool Enhancement
  2. New Tax Code in Tax Code Maintenance is added to map with column 5a in GST-03 form submission
  3. EULA is updated with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation clause
  4. ‘Varied’ option is also available now to enable you to edit your taxable period in different timeline.
  5.  ‘2 months’ option is now added to taxable period dropdown list to enable you to submit your GST submission bi-monthly.
  6. Malaysia GST is now enabled in International License.
  7. Enhancement done to get rid of “Invalid GST Classification” Error Message Box at TFM

Other than the above, there are a total of 36 program fixes done in this version to fix on reported issues and enhance user experience.

Click HERE to find out more on release details.

Clink HERE to download the new release.