Thank you for making us the AutoCount Top Sales in KL/ Central Region-2017

For the past years, iDynamics Software S/B had been maintaining the sales performance, gradually increasing and of course getting the continuous support from all our existing and new customers. In year 2017 we are proud to be recognised by the industry leading accounting software organisation, as the Top Sales of AutoCount software partner in KL/ Selangor a.k.a the entire Central Region in Malaysia.

The award definitely would not happen without our customers, you name yourself, you know who you are and our elite team in the company. You guys own the recognition. Bravo!!


Not just Top Sales in KL central region, as we are in the Top 10 global ranking too, thats what we were being told. Thrilled with excitement of course when the emcee rolled out this nomination. Wishing this to be true and….. Whoa!!! there goes we were being awarded. Here you go with some of the pictures in this hall of fame.

How did we go this far? System implementation, one after another, you name it, we use it. iDynamics Software S/B believes in innovation holds the key to business success.

Should you wish to be part of our clientele, we would be very happy to host you with the services that we provide. We offer software solutions for business owners, financial and HR professionals to easily manage complex processes and tedious data entry, turning into a goldmine of information to improve productivity and efficiency in your business. How? You would ask.

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