SST Update for AutoCount Accounting

There will be a version expected to be released latest by 27/8/2018 (Monday). This version is a minor update to users so that they are able to perform their transaction / Invoicing in conjunction with the latest SST if it really starts on 1/9/2018.

What are the updates in this version:
New SST Menu
Configure Malaysia SST Function
Auto Generate Tax Account Number / SST Tax Code
SST Options (Start Date, Taxable Period)
SST Compliance in Invoicing

Another version will be expected within the next 2 months before SST Submission so that users will have the compliance reports for their SST Submission.
What are the future updates in this version:
SST Processor
SST Related Tax Reports
Any other SST related changes from customs if any

Is this update compulsory?
This update is compulsory for SST users. However, for users that are not affected by SST is optional. If users choose not to update their AutoCount Accounting, they will need to turn off their default Tax Code Setting to ensure no tax is being charges starting 1/9/2018.

Is there any charges to this update?
There will be no charges for this SST updates on AutoCount Accounting 1.9 users. However, if there is any training, implementation or other services involved, there might be cost incurred. For users that are still using AutoCount Accounting 1.8 that wish to upgrade, may refer back to our upgrade fees for upgrading 1.8 to 1.9.