Customer Appreciation Event – meaningful and memorable!

Thank you for a very successful Customer Appreciation Day!

We are pleased to announce that we had a very successful Customer Appreciation Day on this past October 10th and 19th. There was a great buzz leading up to this and it sure proved to be both wonderful and memorable event for us and our beloved Customers as well. A note of thanks to those who organized and were involved in the event, such that everything progressed smoothly without a hitch whatsoever.

Our guests started to arrive around 3pm and began to settle down easily and quickly. The October 10th event was held at Wondermilk Cafe, PJ and the October 19th event was held at La Roasteria Cafe, Seremban. Both venues were conducive, comfortable and cozy.


Soon after, our highly respected Founder, Mr. Lee Eng Yau, gave a warm welcome speech. He spoke with confidence and gusto, entailed on the upcoming plans that the Company had and also new products that were in the pipeline. We then continued to dig into the delicious and scrumptious food and snacks that were specially catered for this. We also mingled and discussed with our Customers regarding their business and support needs. We wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of our Customers. The interactions were extremely precious  and productive as we bonded and got to know more about one another. We were also able to run some slide shows introducing new products and solutions.


Later, we took pictures with one another, holding up fun and interesting signage. It was certainly a truly rewarding experience.

A great shout out “Thank You!!!” to all our beloved Customers!