Sage Payroll with FingerTec – EXCLUSIVE Promo!

How would you like to have your time attendance (Biometric) integrated into your Sage Payroll?

Wow … tracking your employees attendance and time becomes so much easier!

Partnering with FingerTec, who is a leading provider in Biometric time attendance technology, Sage Payroll now is integrated with FingerTec so much so with the touch of your finger, you can easily manage, keep track of your employees’ time and attendance with no hassles at all.

The amazing thing is that by a finger print capturing feature, this can be transferred into reporting for payroll management for efficient and effective payroll calculations. Time is very much saved so much so your staff can be released to focus on other revenue generating tasks at hand. So imagine, whenever your employees work overtime or in various shifts, this technology is able to cater for such scenarios and thus manage your employees payroll processing efficiently with no worries at all.

It is a One Stop Solution from end to end as it streamlines and automates processes, thus removing manual work and reduces costs. And don’t worry, your payroll data is secured.

And now for a limited time only, we are running a promotion for this new bundled product …

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