NetSuite – Your Path to Cloud ERP


It is an apparent reality that many are migrating to the Cloud. Even the established legacy vendors such as SAP, Epicor, Microsoft, Sage are in the process of moving to the Cloud. Much speculation has been made pertaining to single-vendor on-premise global ERP concept … unfortunately as validated by Gartner Postmodern ERP research, this is NOT achievable given the current real-world business drivers, namely rapid Mergers and Acquisitions, divestitures, global expansion, new business models, new sales channels etc …, all these ultimately lead to a huge mixture of ERP vendors across the enterprise. The diagram below entails the mentioned business drivers:

Thus, THE path to the Cloud is either adopt the Cloud for parts of your business going through rapid changes OR Standardize on Cloud ERP for the enterprise, as shown below.

As you can clearly see from the diagram above, due to the mentioned business drivers, this is THE path to the Cloud.

All companies look to opening up New Markets, serve Customers, increase Efficiency, control Costs and develop New Products, Markets and Services. These pose many business challenges and that is why it is crucial to work to achieve all these with a reliable and trusted partner.

As a business owner or being the CEO, you are ultimately responsible for every decision that is made within the company. The job can be very demanding and also very taxing, but also very rewarding when the company succeeds. You may have a clear vision of where your company needs to be but not a clear path on how to get there.

NetSuite is the #1 choice for mid-size businesses to run their accounting/ERP, CRM and ecommerce applications in the Cloud. NetSuite helps you run your business rather than managing the technology.

With NetSuite, your business can benefit from lower overall costs, better alignment between technology and specific business needs, scalability, ease of deployment and management, easier upgrades, anytime anywhere access and high reliability.

In short, NetSuite shows you the CLEAR PATH and is your ANSWER to growing your company for greater success, with iDynamics as your preferred implementation partner.

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