We work hard but we also play hard …

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy …

Having been in the market for 20 years, we aspire to be the top ranked Business Software Provider in Malaysia. We work hard to provide top-notch service levels to our Clients and to complement this, we strive to always improve, learn and evolve. And as we grew, we realized that working hard needed to be in parallel with playing hard too … It’s all about striking the right and healthy balance …

Thus explains the birth of our iDynamics iFun club!

We have our own committee team to plan and execute all the exciting activities that we target to have on a quarterly basis.
Last year, we went to Bandung, and so this time we thought it good to spend our time together locally. And so the team went to MYBestBox for our next adventure …
The team decided on this venue for our teambuilding experience because MYBestBox was inspired by various variety shows like Running Man and WipeOut, so we believed that it could bring to us an ultimate Event Space and Interactive Variety Show Game Hub that could instill a strong sense of camaraderie. They do provide a variety of entertainment options such as VS Hall, The Dry Pool, Party Room, Crazy Karts, Kiddy Zone, Rage Room and The Box as an event space. Catering to corporate team buildings, we were impressed by MYBestBox’s beliefs in cultivating a healthy workplace by instilling core team qualities through interactive gamifications.

And true enough, MYBestBox delivered more than we ever could expect. Everything was immaculately planned and executed. We laughed … we played … we released our all and most important of all … we bonded.
Teamwork, communication, respect, collaboration, problem solving, conflict management, common goal, support and last but not the very least … FRIENDSHIP… were definitely enhanced.

So KUDOS to the iFun committee team!

Here are some of the photos that we took … Enjoy!

GET SET … ready GO!

Ok … we were all body-less with just our heads raised and ready to … ‘kick’ and GO!

OK … OK … Patience is a virtue … so wait for it and … ready … GO!

Bounce … bounce … oh this is good exercise!

Oh man … DING! DING! Punch here and right upper cut!

Taking a break …

Alright … all you software bugs … WHACK! WHACK! BE GONE!

Oh … the ladies club are all smiles and having a nice bonding session …


We hope you enjoyed reading this, we most certainly did!