A Simple Payroll System That Everyone Should Know About


An introduction to mooPayroll

What Is MooPayroll?

MooPayroll is an all-in-one payroll management system that provides staff info, leave management, salary management that covers tax, EPF and SOCSO contributions, and the flexibility of being able to be used anywhere with an internet connection.

Why do you need it?

A company needs to pay the people working for it. Be it the employer or the employee. With that comes salary, leave management, PCB, EPF, SOCSO and more. Without a proper system to handle all that, things can get ugly.

Salary calculation, leave record and calculation, PCB, EPF and SOCSO calculation and submission, are just a few simple things that can lead to unhappy employees or worse, complications with the labour department.

How can it help you?

mooPayroll is a all in one system that does all those tedious work automatically. It can even store your employees’ information for you or even your employee to access past and present salary, overtime, leave and more.