MooPayroll : Cloud vs Desktop

Traditionally, offices would have a central storage where everyone is able to access files from. It worked when businesses were less mobile, and things were less efficient. That is what we call the Desktop era.

Today, efficiency and speed are the keys to a successful business. We must be able to not just access our files from anywhere, but also important software that allows us to work from any corner of the world. Welcome to the Cloud era.

Accessing our staff information that is stored in the office from home with the desktop method is not only difficult, but extremely time consuming as well. MooPayroll solves that problem. It is web based, and even comes with its own app that allows you to not just access your staff information, but also manage leave, payroll, and even generate reports for government, management, and more.

What is Cloud Software? It is a software that is accessible wherever and whenever you want to through the internet. All the data is obtained through the internet as well.
In simple words, Cloud Software improves your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of Cloud over Desktop:
Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime
Works with any device with a web browser
Cheaper to operate for small businesses
Faster update compared to desktop

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