An introduction to NetSuite ERP

What is Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

Within your company, you may have many departments, such as Inventory, Order Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management and many more. Each department will have their own systems, own data. It requires the company more resources just to handle the different systems and to make sure that the data is stored securely. What happens when there is a power outage at the warehouse data storage server? The company either stops operation or starts to use offline data to continue to operate while trying to restore power to the server. This means to risk losing business, or worse, provide customers with out of date information regarding the inventory.

NetSuite ERP is here to prevent problems like those. It stores all the data of the company in a secured Cloud-based database that supports multiple functions used by different business units. That means, the whole company can practically share the same, real-time information as and when they need it.

What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP provides not just that, but also allows you to add or customise functionality according to your company’s requirements. In other words, it is a highly scalable business management system.

Areas where NetSuite ERP can help include:
Financial Management
Financial Planning
Order Management
Production Management
Supply Chain Management
Warehouse and Fulfilment

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