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Everything you need to manage your organization's Point Of Sale. Complete with Account & Stock Management to run your business efficiently.

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Why AutoCount POS With iDynamics?

iDynamics is an Award Winning AutoCount Dealer and have been in operations for over a decade. We provide sales, support and also software customization. Many have chosen us as we'll help with:


Our consultants would evaluate whether AutoCount Accounting would be the right fit for you.


Our software specialist would arrange and schedule an implmentation and ensure your IT team is ready.


Our software specialist would arrange and schedule an implementation and ensure your software is ready to go


If you encounter any problems at all, please utilize our ticketed support system to ensure it's tracked.

Top 6 Reasons Why AutoCount POS Is The Choice Of Many Retail Businesses.

Discover the benefits of using Autocount POS in your business.

Real Time Update

Real-time data synchronization, with own database in each terminal, ensuring data is updated instantly to Autocount Accounting.

Comprehensive Report

Identify consumer trends such as popular payment method or days and time period which generate higher sales.

Business Performance

Make critical business decision, identify outlets or even promoters that are doing well and take necessary actions.


Software that fits your process. Hold bills temporary and resume later. Print receipt when items is scanned or payment made.

Powerful Database

Front-end and back-end features are based on Microsoft SQL Server which is well known for its stability and speedy performance

Time Saving

Fully operable via keyboard with intuitive user interface enabling easier data entry and shortens queue


AutoCount POS Features

AutoCount Point of Sales (APOS) is special designed to help businesses keep track of customers, stock items and sales. It is an Offline POS with Real-Time Data Synchronization Capability. Each terminal will keep its database and unaffected by server. It is stable as both of its back-end and front-end database are supported by Microsoft SQL Server. APOS is fully integrated with powerful AutoCount Accounting which is an integrated business solution that comprise of accounting, stock and invoicing

Complete Features To Run Your Retail Centre

AutoCount POS is Offline POS with real-time data synchronization capability. Each POS terminal is independent and has its own database. Failure on any particular PC will not affect the other POS operation.

  • Faster Character Based Printing
  • Hold Bill and Recall Bill
  • Immediate Printing or After Paid Printing
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Credit Sales
  • Row Discount and Total Discount
  • Check Stock Level in other database
  • Item Search

AutoCount POS Pricing

We provide not only the software, but complete training and 1 year of support!.



  • POS
  • 1/2 Day Training
  • 1 Year Online Support
  • Installation
  • All prices are subjected to 6% GST
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  • POS + Accounting + Stock
  • 1 Day Training
  • 1 Year Online Support
  • Installation
  • All prices are subjected to 6% GST
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AutoCount, a highly flexible and scalable solution

We grow along with our clients, usually from small business up to a conglomerate. AutoCount allows businesses to expand and would grow along with the financial requirements of the business.


Handle import, export transactions and maintain inventory records for forecasting sales and purchase needs. Inventory Reporting when you need it.


Production of finished goods for use or sale using labour and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.


Expense tracking and reporting with invoicing facilities to ease billing processes


Financial planning and control of material cost for the different projects the may be in different locations


Covers daily financial processes to provide credit control, sales and purchase information.


Manage Recurring Charges, Expenses and Late Charge etc. with real-time accounting data.

AutoCount Plugins

Every business has specific needs which possibly affects the financial processes. AutoCount provides endless possibilities in customizing AutoCount to suit your business needs, resulting in better and more organized accounting system.

Custom Fields & Tables

Need further information to be added to your accounting software? Create custom fields and tables.

Custom Button & Actions

Create better user experience & navigation for your users by adding buttons and actions to your software

Custom Reports

Need specific information in your reports or special layouts? get your report customized in the layout of your preference.

> 3,000

customers all over Malaysia. We delight in providing the best in class support and services.


With the software implementation by Idynamics, we have saved a lot of resources by removing most of the manual work. Reporting also can be done in a shorter time.

Increase Your Efficiency Today

With software to make your business more efficient and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a new business software has never been easier.


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The biggest difference is the support that i get after purchasing the software from Idynamics. When there is an issue the support team is able to help us through the shortest time.