Cloud Backup

Secure your data with enterprise grade cloud backup. Simple solutions to ensure your data is always up to date and available to be deployed anywhere, anytime.

Why Cloud Backup with iDynamics?

iDynamics is an Award Winning Business Software Dealer and have been in operations for over a decade. We provide sales, support and training for Cloud Backup. Many have chosen us as we'll help with:


Our consultants would evaluate whether our Cloud Backup solution would be the right fit for you.


Our software specialist would arrange and schedule an implmentation and ensure your IT team is ready.


Our software specialist would arrange and schedule an implementation and ensure your software is ready to go


If you encounter any problems at all, please utilize our ticketed support system to ensure it's tracked.

Discover The 6 Features Of Cloud Backup That is Essential For Many Businesses Today.

iDynamics Cloud Backup solution provides not only backup copies but archiving and data synchronization as well.

Strong Infrastructure

We partner with EMC, a global leader in storage technology to bring you quality and reliability in backup & restoration technology.

World Class Data Centres

Our world-class data centers are protected 24×7, 365 days a year, including state-of-the-art security and onsite technicians.

2 X Backup

A local copy and a cloud copy to ensure every option is available to you to quickly backu and restore data whenever it’s needed.

Military Grade Security

Same encryption standards used by military and banks. Data is encrypted the moment the file is selected, through transit and within the data centre.

Flexible Schedule

Schedule backups to run daily, weekly, monthly and even continously throughout the day. Whatever your data vitality needs are.

Automatic Backups

Need to work on something away from office? Save it to sync folder and you can get the job done anywhere.


Why Businesses Should Backup Data

We’re now living in a data driven world. Even simple documents are stored in servers for sharing and storage purposes. We begin to rely more on softwares to automate our businesses and the database within this software holds key data of our business operations. Data loss is such a common occurance in the lifetime of a business
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  • In 2014, EMC estimated of the cost of data loss at 1.7 trillion dollars annually, with the amount expected to be much higher in the coming years as more businesses rely on software and data. The study also revealed that the most data loss could have been prevented with just simple data protection in place.One of the main reasons that data loss would affect a business revenue is the amount of time needed to recover the data, if at all it is retrievable, causing lots of downtime, which could even take months to recover.

Select a Plan That Works For You: 



Per Month
  • 2GB Storage
  • 1 Desktop Key



Per Month
  • 50 GB
  • 5 Desktop Key
  • Online Support
  • 1 Server Key
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Need Software Support & Training?

Every software from iDynamics is eligible for our HelpDesk Support, providing you peace on of mind when you purchase software from us

We also provide training from time to time and onsite training is also available upon request.


A software assurance designed specifically for the users of Sage UBS to provide:

  • Value Protection of your investment
  • Ensuring you're always updated
  • Continous Learning
  • Self Service

Discover iDynamics Training 


2 levels of support offered, Basic & Priority, with Priority designed for mission critical business, providing 4 hours response time. Other features:

  • Ticketed Support System
  • Call, chat or email
  • Remote Access

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How To Choose A Business Software?


Whilst there's no perfect software in the world, there are steps that can be taken to identify the software that is a good fit for the organization. In this ebook we identified 10 steps that you can immediately apply in your software selection process!

  • Step 1: Get The Big Picture...
  • Step 2: Determine Your Budget...
  • Step 3: ...

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customers all over Malaysia. We delight in providing the best in class support and services.


With the software implementation by Idynamics, we have saved a lot of resources by removing most of the manual work. Reporting also can be done in a shorter time.

Increase Your Efficiency Today

With software to make your business more efficient and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a new business software has never been easier.


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The biggest difference is the support that i get after purchasing the software from Idynamics. When there is an issue the support team is able to help us through the shortest time.