Connect your systems, automate processes and
gain visibility into your business

One of the biggest challenges of managing multiple sales and distribution channels is keeping your product data synchronized between all your ecommerce storefronts, online marketplaces, point of sale (POS) systems and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. NetSuite Connector allows you to automate the transfer of data between all of these systems. By centralizing your data in NetSuite, you can eliminate the errors and delays caused by manual data entry, data exports and the processes that rely on spreadsheets and email.

Improve Inventory Visibility

Accurately track inventory across multiple locations, determining reorder points, controlling safety stock and executing cycle counts.

Automate Order Management

Speed up and optimize order processing and fulfillment by automatically sending orders to 3PLs, vendors or warehouses.

Simplify Accounting

Automate repetitive tasks, such as recording transactions, managing payables and receivables, and closing the books, allowing timely, accurate reporting and greater control of financial assets.


Ecommerce Connector

Connect NetSuite with your ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Manage your item master in NetSuite and automatically add, update or remove product information across your commerce channels, ensuring accurate inventory. Reduce order processing time by automatically fulfilling orders in NetSuite. Quickly handle refunds, returns and order cancellations to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
Logistics Connector

Connect NetSuite with your 3PL providers. Provide full round-trip order fulfillment processing for fast and efficient shipping. Manage partial fulfillments and multiple packages to speed up delivery.

  • Amazon Multi-channel Fulfillment
  • ShipStation
Point of Sale Connector

Connect NetSuite with your POS solution. Create a true cross-channel shopping experience by synchronizing product, pricing, order, inventory and shipping data between both systems. Associate order details with customers in NetSuite to build a stronger customer profile. Easily add more store locations as you expand your retail presence.

  • Shopify POS


Connect Your Systems

Get up and running effortlessly with pre-built integrations to sync your inventory, order, fulfillment and returns between NetSuite and other commerce channels.

Automate Processes

Eliminate manual tasks like spreadsheet data entry and data exports to reduce costly errors and delays.

Increase Visibility

Get greater inventory and order visibility with tracking and control capabilities to manage every stage of the lifecycle across all channels.

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