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Grab a cuppa while we manage your business's payroll. A hassle-free and long term solution to all your payroll needs.


Starting from RM200 a month only for 1st to 5th employees! Only At iDynamics. CONTACT US NOW →

Why Payroll Services with iDynamics?

iDynamics has deep experience in handling payroll as we've served over 3000+ businesses of different industry in Malaysia, allowing us to customize the payroll service that would meet your needs. Our process ensures your business gets payroll delivered in a timely and accurate manner, without any hiccups!


Our consultants would evaluate your current payroll practice and suggest improvements to the delivery and accuracy with our payroll services.


During the transition period, we would run the payroll in parallel to ensure the accuracy and the delivery is up to your expectations.


You'll get a complete monthly report of payroll that has been delivered, including statutory compliance reports.


If you encounter any problems at all, please utilize our ticketed support system to ensure it's tracked.

Top 6 Benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

Discover why mooPayroll is the one of the fastest growing cloud payroll software in Malaysia.

Reduce Cost

Managing payroll can be an expensive affair, with personnel and software cost. We'll get it done from RM200/month only.

Save Time

It takes a lot of time to compile payroll information and ensure it's accuracy, leave that to us to manage and free yourself.

Increase Productivity

Your value lies in running and managing the business. Grow your business without ever worrying about payroll.

Redundancy Of Work

Payroll is a tedious, repetitive task which could be easily carried out by payroll experts such as us.

Stop Error

Payroll is prone to human error. We'll setup a system that reduces error and leverage on our expertise to ensure it's delivered accurately.

Regulatory Compliance

We’ll generate forms for your viewing and submission of records to regulatory bodies, EPF, LHDN, SOCSO, HRDF.


Our Scope of Services

Discover a complete payroll solution that we can do for your business.

  • Pay Elements Input

    We'll process allowance, deduction, overtime, loan, claims and any other payroll items you may have.

  • Pay Processing

    We'll do the monthly pay processing including preparing for funds transfer to employees and regulatory bodies

  • Reports Generation

    We'll record all processes and submit the processing reports to you.

  • Bank Files & Pay Listing

    We'll generate the bank files and pay listing for your business.

  • Statutory Compliance

    We'll ensure your payroll standards is based on the latest regulatory requirements

  • Annual Form E & EA

    We'll issue the yearly form E & EA for your employees.

  • Helpdesk for Client Enquiries

    All your queries would be addressed via our support ticketing system

  • Pay Related Audits Assistance

    We'll assist for any pay related audits that your business encounters.

  • Backup of Payroll information

    Never worry about losing your payroll information, we'll always have a backup ready for your retrieval.

  • Updates on Payroll & HR Regulation

    We'll notify you of regulatory changes and how it affects your payroll.


Save time and increase your payroll effeciency today!

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