Professional Services

Software Training

It’s no secret-technology is rapidly increasing and companies that want to provide the best customer support and service need to continuously and seamlessly adapt to new software offerings. When the organization is adopting a new software, or adapting to a greater capacity, employees can only be as effective as their training when it comes to utilizing these software programs effectively. Learning with no resistance is very crucial and so is the engagement in training. As part of an overarching change strategy, the training program also needs to be highly relevant to employees needs and specific to employees’ roles. Simply telling them about the new software is a sure-fire way to fail!. On our part, making sure our trainers are capable of delivering and answering any related question to the new software and how it can impact various aspects of your employees’ roles and your business processes.

Completion of training with acknowledgement with purpose and satisfaction, with syllabus forms to be signed off is the duty of the trainers. This is the blueprint for everything that will follow and lead the way to building the most effective new software implementation for your teams.


Customer satisfaction is dependent on both software and a fast, smooth, successful implementation. 
A variety of implementation packages designed to meet your goals and requirements. Regardless of the package you choose you will be supported by the finest and most experienced team of professionals (PS) in the industry. Throughout your implementation, we engage the right people of your organization for physical installation and configuration at virtually any geographic location, and training. Our enterprise customers will participate in detailed scoping exercises to ensure all requirements are captured and documented. They work closely with their implementation consultants to lay out phased roll out plans to best meet their needs and solution requirements. This is to ensure all our valued customers have a successful implementation.
We effectively communicate the knowledge transfer on the details of your requirements to our PS team. Upon signing off the implementation successfully, you will be placed in good hands, our Customer Support Team. Reaching out to our Customer Support can be done via email and calls. should you have further inquiries or assistance.

Project Management

iDynamics adopts Agile project management as an iterative approach to software and software development projects to ensure feedback can be acted quickly, responsively and collaboratively within the timeframe and project’s budget. Thus, making it more adaptable to changing priorities for clearer project visibility, and regular reporting updates, so that teams can improve project predictability and reduce risk.