Project Management

Improve project predictability and reduce risk.

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Project Management

iDynamics adopts Agile project management as an iterative approach to software and software development projects to ensure feedback can be acted quickly, responsively and collaboratively within the timeframe and project’s budget. Thus, making it more adaptable to changing priorities for clearer project visibility, and regular reporting updates, so that teams can improve project predictability and reduce risk.

Deployment Approach


  • Build the team
  • Set goal and define success
  • Personalization sessions


  • Configuration and walkthroughs
  • User and role alignment
  • Data conversion process


  • System validation : Unit testing and UAT
  • Execute training plan
  • Execute user adoption & communications strategy


  • Cutover from legacy
  • Measure impact
  • End user support : platform refinement
  • Project closure, future planning

Project Management Process

Status Reporting

Tracks task and financial progress in addition to risks and issues, jointly reviewed on a weekly basis

Project Plan

Updated on a weekly basis based on team progress

Change Control

Assesses impact of any project changes on project timeline, scope and budget

Formal change order documentation requires signoff before work can be performed


Utilize customer readiness scorecard throughout project to assess progress


Review Progress, confirm milestones reached, review future work at the conclusion of each project phase

Project Management for Software Development

For software development within a project, iDynamics adopts Scrum methodology which is a framework that follows the agile process and principles, allowing teams to focus on delivering quality business value in the shortest time possible. This approach encourages teams to rapidly and repeatedly inspect working software to ensure they're only providing the best quality products for their clients, emphasizing accountability, teamwork, and iterative progress towards a well-defined goal.

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