Sage Cover renewal

What is Sage Cover?

We know how much you depend on your Sage UBS Solution which is why we have made it easy for you to keep your system in top form with our software assurance plan, Sage Cover. The Sage Cover plan provides software updates, upgrades and information, giving you total investment protection in the long run.

With Sage Cover, you do not need to worry about keeping up to date with the latest version because it will be made available to you automatically. Each new version includes features that help your team maximize their productivity and performance. And best of all, it cost significantly less on an annual basis than sporadically purchasing new software licenses.

Call us now to know more about Sage Cover renewal price. Applicable for Sage UBS Accounting, Sage UBS Payroll, Sage UBS POoint-of-Sales & Sage UBS Building Service & Maintennance 

4 Reasons Why do you need Sage Cover?

Manage your investment effortlessly and cost-effective

Time is your most valuable asset to the success of your organisation. Sage UBS software delivers enormous time savings in business operations. With Sage Cover, you can continue to take full advantage of product capabilities and the continual improvements we make. Sage Cover secures you from price increase, no one promises you on no price increase in future. protect your investment

Stay compliant and improve productivity by keeping your product capabilities current

Sage Cover ensures you receive the latest major software releases, security patches and bug fixes. The product are continually added and enhanced with new features and functionality to meet new challenges in your business. And that means you can rest assured you’ll always have the current functionality to simplify your tasks. Stay compliant

Protect your software with the latest security upgrades and performance improved

With Sage Cover, you are entitle to a full year of free upgrades where the upgrades are designed in order to address and fix issues encountered by users. These upgrades improve the overall performance and functionality of the software. Moreover, they enable the software to last longer by increasing its life cycle. improve performance

Dedicated friendly support team with experts for fast answers on your product issues

You can’t afford to be without expert technical assistance through our highly experienced professionals who are committed to your satisfaction. Our partner network and/or support services ensure quick resolution to your product issues. Our support team operates from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. friendly support


Need Software Support & Training?

Every software from iDynamics is eligible for our HelpDesk Support, providing you peace on of mind when you purchase software from us

We also provide training from time to time and onsite training is also available upon request.


A software assurance designed specifically for the users of Sage UBS to provide:

  • Value Protection of your investment
  • Ensuring you're always updated
  • Continous Learning
  • Self Service

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2 levels of support offered, Basic & Priority, with Priority designed for mission critical business, providing 4 hours response time. Other features:

  • Ticketed Support System
  • Call, chat or email
  • Remote Access

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How To Choose A Business Software?


Whilst there's no perfect software in the world, there are steps that can be taken to identify the software that is a good fit for the organization. In this ebook we identified 10 steps that you can immediately apply in your software selection process!

  • Step 1: Get The Big Picture...
  • Step 2: Determine Your Budget...
  • Step 3: ...

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customers all over Malaysia. We delight in providing the best in class support and services.


With the software implementation by Idynamics, we have saved a lot of resources by removing most of the manual work. Reporting also can be done in a shorter time.

Increase Your Efficiency Today

With software to make your business more efficient and a support team excited to help you, getting started with a new business software has never been easier.


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The biggest difference is the support that i get after purchasing the software from Idynamics. When there is an issue the support team is able to help us through the shortest time.