Professional Services

Software Training

Completion of training with acknowledgement with purpose and satisfaction, with syllabus forms to be signed off is the duty of the trainers. This is the blueprint for everything that will follow and lead the way to building the most effective new software implementation for your teams.


Customer satisfaction is dependent on both software and a fast, smooth, successful implementation. A variety of implementation packages designed to meet your goals and requirements. Regardless of the package you choose you will be supported by the finest and most experienced team of professionals.

Project Management

iDynamics adopts Agile project management as an iterative approach to software and software development projects to ensure feedback can be acted quickly, responsively and collaboratively within the timeframe and project’s budget

Support Services

Any software purchased via iDynamics is eligible for our Support Services.

We offer 2 levels of support, which are BASIC SUPPORT and PRIORITY SUPPORT

Software Customization

The possibilities are endless! You can create a customize plugin for your AutoCount to match your

way of getting your work done. Below are some of the works that you can achieve.

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Goverment Grant

Now’s your chance to get your business digitalised!

Read on more details about the grant here, or contact us so we can answer all your inquiries about it.

Available to SME and Cooperative (“Koperasi”) registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia

The SME is at least 60% owned by Malaysian

The SME/ Coop has been in operation for at least (6) months

The SME/Coop has minimum average annual sales turnover of RM50,000.