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Work from home is going to be the new normal.
Are your business ready for remote working?
Most of our clients are practicing work from home now, we have what you need!

Work from Home with GO-Global Solution

Securely access your applications or files on Windows, UNIX or Linux, anytime and anywhere, from any device.

Top 9 Reasons Why GO-Global!!

Discover why GoGlobal is the one of the most popular enterprise remote access software in Malaysia.
  • Install Anywhere & Use Anywhere

  • Multiple Platform Client Support in Window, Linux, Unix, MacOS, Android, IOS

  • Easy Setup & Maintenance. Install, configure and deploy in 15 minutes

  • High-Performance Access with low server memory and CPU usage and automatic bandwidth optimization

  • Strong Encryption, SSL/TLS Encryption (up to 256-bit AES) ensures the security of the data that is transmitted over the network

  • Concurrent User License Model

  • DPI Scaling of remote applications at the same resolution as local applications, even when the device has a high resolution display

  • Client Printing, users can print to local or network printers using Windows printer drivers or Universal Printer Driver

  • Client Clipboard allows users to copy and paste data between local and remote applications

GO-Global System Requirements

Are You Ready To Start Work At Home Now?

We offer you a simple Go-Global Pricing Package to get your business ready to start remote working.

Need more user?

RM 2,370.00

2 Users

+ installation

+ support

RM 3,417.20

3 Users

+ installation

+ support

RM 4,464.40

4 Users

+ installation

+ support

RM 5,511.60

5 Users

+ installation

+ support

*License: RM920/cal, yearly renewal: RM200/cal

**Yearly support: RM380 for first cal, RM120 for subsequent cal + 6%SST

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